Saturday, May 14, 2016

American Girls Finale

I had such a wonderful experience with your girls!! I LOVED the American Girls class. Was it because the class was full of girls? I think that had a lot to do with it! It was such great fun to hear them talking and giggling over all the girly things we got to do.

Our last class was spent talking about all the wonderful traditions brought to America from the huge influx of immigrants during the 1850's through the early 1900's. I hope they incorporate some of the fun traditions we learned about during your next Christmas party. One requires all the single ladies to throw their shoes.

We then had a short quiz about our lovely field-trip to the Midway School House. They have such good memories!

Lastly, for all their hard work in class over the semester, they were rewarded with a Smencil (a pencil that smells delicious) and a small journal to start writing their own American Girl story!

I wish you all a happy summer!!
Thanks for all the wonderful memories and experiences this semester!

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Quilting Challenge

On Thursday, we delved into the American Girl character, Kirsten. She is a young girl from Sweden that comes to America with her family. After a rough journey they settle on a farm in Minnesota. Kirsten lived during the pioneer times (hence our upcoming field trip.)
We talked about what life was probably like for Kirsten. And we agreed it was not EASY!
We then worked on individual lap quilts. We learned that quilts have 3 layers and that the quilting stitches keep the layers bound together.
We learned a simple tie stitch with yarn. The girls worked terribly hard to complete their quilts enough for me to sew the edges (with a modern day sewing machine.)
I only finished three, but hope to finish the remainder this week and deliver them on Thursday.

Don't forget our field-trip this upcoming Thursday!!!

1). We need to leave by 9:30!! Set those alarms early!
2) Dress in pioneer garb if you've got it!
3) Pack a lunch (pioneer lunch is preferred. ). - We talked about this in class
4) If you haven't turned in your permission slip, BRING IT ON THURSDAY!
5) Don't forget to pay $8.25.
6) We will be back by the end of FILA.

7) GET EXCITED!! This is going to be so FUN and educational.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Quiet, Fancy Party

> Oh, why can't we have a tea party every Thursday? I think we need a tea party class next semester! Who is on board?!
> Today it was great fun to learn tea time etiquette while quietly sipping our peppermint tea and delicately eating delicious finger sandwiches, scones and desserts. Teacher Mary even spoiled us with chocolate covered strawberries!!
> Hopefully, the manners we learned today will extend to our everyday eating. Remember, please, thank you and you're welcome! And don't forget our rhyme that reminds us not to put our elbows on the table. So many great hints today. Remind your family about them as you sit down for a meal. I'm sure they will love you to correct their manners ; ).

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ride'em Cowgirl

Our horse field-trip was SO MUCH FUN!  Everyone did a great job listening, brushing, riding and saying thank you.  Thanks for being such great participants.
Merry taught us so much about horses.  She clearly loves them, especially since she is willing to put so much daily work into taking care of them.
I hope you all enjoyed your rides on Angel, Lucky and Chevy.  And maybe the trip struck a passion in your inner selves that was dying to get out.  Maybe Merry unleashed the inner horse lover in each of us!

This Thursday, come dressed in your best tea party outfits.  You are welcome to bring along your favorite doll or stuffed friend.  We are going to have a great time learning the ins and outs of a tea party.  Be ready to put your manners to use.  We will be just like Felicity!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Caroline's Courage - A Theatrical Production

Last Thursday, we learned about the War of 1812.  Caroline's family lived near the shore of Lake Erie in New York's Sacket's Harbor.
Her father was a shipbuilder.  He was taken prisoner by the British while out on the lake sailing one day.  Caroline saw firsthand how the War of 1812 affected the US citizens.
To really understand Caroline's story, we read a play based on the first book in the Caroline series.  In the book, Caroline displays great, unselfish courage.
All the girls played a part in our script table reading while we enjoyed food of the time period - gingerbread cookies and biscuits and honey.
Great voice acting, ladies.

Next week, we will be heading out to meet the Dials' horses in Port Orchard.  Please be on time.  I will have permission slips to sign.  Please have the $1.25 for the bridge fee.  We will leave at 10 a.m. and return for lunch.  Please pray for a sunny day : )!  

Monday, March 28, 2016

Bow, Stern and Keel

> The weather was on our side, last Thursday, as we headed to Gig Harbor for some nautical fun.
> First, we visited Tim Donahue. He told us about boats, took us aboard one of his land-docked boats, and answered all our tough questions.
> We then headed to the dock in Gig Harbor. Before settling dockside for our picnic, we took a walk to see the Gig Harbor Lighthouse.
> After working up an appetite we settled down for our picnic and ended our adventure with a photo at the end of the pier.
> This week we will learn all about Caroline and her love of ships.
> Also, the horse field trip has been rescheduled for April 14. But I also am scheduled for jury duty that week. Let's hope they don't need me!
> See you Thursday.